A fully equipped workshop for architectural models.

More than 20 years of experience and a wide range of machinery to provide the highest realization standard in architectural model manufacturing.

Brgstudio is an architectural modelmaking workshop led by architect Enrico Bergonzoni. With a working space of over 200 sq. metres, fully equipped with cnc milling router, 3 lasercutting stations, and traditional wood working machinery, brgstudio creates stunning workpieces combining both cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Our architectural models are aimed to give a clear interpretation of the project main features. We specialize in architectural wooden models, made with solid timber and a sturdy and durable construction, to allow tactile perception by blind people. The tactile and aesthetic quality of timber, together with a clean and sharp execution using modern CAD CAM processes, allows us to create models of great emotional impact, with special attention to robustness and durability.

architectural modelmaking workshop

To provide the highest realization standard we combine cutting edge techniques, such as cnc routers and lasercutting, and more traditional woodworking techniques, which are typical of italian craftsmanship. Handmade processes are foundamental to add a human touch to all our realizations.

woodworking workshop

We don't focus on small details and realistic models as it has been mainstream in traditional modelmaking. Our trademarks are a clear interpretation of the project, and a clean and sharp technical execution.

cnc milling router

During these years we established a continuous relationship with many craftsmen and collaborators, we want to thank them all.
In particular: Paolo Araldi, Richard Armiger, Sebastiano Conti Gallenti, Paola Galetti, Sara Galli, Daniel Lewis, Sebastiano Losi, Angelo Montagna, Paolo Pedretti and Yukako Yamada.